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June 15th-Imagine Youth Monthly Session-10am!

Imagine Youth Progams Monthly Session

June 15, 2013

We will be Dreaming BIG-COME OUT & SEE!!


West Carrollton Branch Library-Meeting Room

300 E. Central Ave, West Carrollton, OH 45449

All Youth Welcome-Ages 6-18

Destiny awaits for our youth!

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Dream with your child this week

School is Almost Out-Here is A Cool Surprise

Parents, if you can, surprise your child this week at their school or after school with a hand written letter from you.letters_mail
Share how proud you are of them completing this school year in the letter & put it in an envelope.



Encourage Your Child’s Future/Dreams

Parents, do you know what your children want to be when they grow up?childandparent

After school this week or during dinner, ask them & schedule some time to look up pictures of their dreams together!

Cut out pictures and create a “Dream Collage” for them to post on their wall at home.


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Destiny Awaits for Our Youth


It’s “Fun Afterschool Snack” Week at Imagine Youth

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This week, lets make a few fun snacks for our children to enjoy afterschool.

Create something NEW each day this week!

 Make it enjoyable and healthy for them.

Encourage your child to make the snacks with you!

 Here are few ideas:

“Little Dippers”

1.Cut an apple into wedges,

2.Stick a toothpick in each piece

3. Dip in favorite Peanut Butter

4. Roll in crushed almonds or peanuts 

pbj sushi rolls  

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls

(Try Whole Wheat Bread-make it Healthy)

1. Remove crusts from bread. With a rolling pin or large soup can, completely flatten bread.

2. Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of fruit spread on each slice of bread.

3. Roll each slice into a tight spiral. Cut each spiral into 4 pieces. 

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We’re going to the Dayton Art Institute Museum-Saturday-May 25th!

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Imagine Youth Programs will be going to the Dayton Art Institute Museum on Saturday, May 25th

The Youth will learn about new forms of art and music at the Museum’s-Experience Center!

We will take an interactive tour through the new I See Rhythm Exhibit


The Experiencenter’s new exhibition, I See the Rhythm, explores the creative space where music and art overlap. The artistic urge to merge the language of visual art with musical notation, composition and sound is particularly pertinent to 20th century artists and especially important today as artists frequently and freely cross disciplines to create works that are visually and aurally captivating.

Check out the exhibit online:

Bring the Youth out for this fun and educational experience at the Dayton Art Institute Museum.

 11:00am-1pm-Saturday, May 25th

Dayton Art Institute Museum, 456 Belmonte Park, North-Dayton, OH, 45405

(937) 223-5277

 (We will meet in the front lobby of museum)-Admission free for children-$8 for adults

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Fun Book of Poems and Cool Snack for the Youth

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Parents, here is a fun book of poems for your child to read!

If You Were A Chocolate Mustache by, J. Patrick Lewis


This is a great book and it will keep your child engaged and laughing 

Check it out at your nearest library or purchase online or at your nearest bookstore

Also, does your child love “French Fries”? Well switch it up and try Sweet Potato Fries.

They are delicious and healthy. Bake them with your child and add ketchup or their favorite dipping sauce!

sweet potato fries

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Celebrate National Teacher Day-May 7th with your Child!



Parents, help us Celebrate National Teacher Day on May 7th with The National Education Association!

Encourage your child to salute their Teacher with a small token, gift or just a encouraging word.

For More Cool Ideas on how to Celebrate National Teacher Day visit:

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Destiny Awaits for our Youth!

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