We’re going to the Dayton Art Institute Museum-Saturday-May 25th!

imagine new logo 2012

Imagine Youth Programs will be going to the Dayton Art Institute Museum on Saturday, May 25th

The Youth will learn about new forms of art and music at the Museum’s-Experience Center!

We will take an interactive tour through the new I See Rhythm Exhibit


The Experiencenter’s new exhibition, I See the Rhythm, explores the creative space where music and art overlap. The artistic urge to merge the language of visual art with musical notation, composition and sound is particularly pertinent to 20th century artists and especially important today as artists frequently and freely cross disciplines to create works that are visually and aurally captivating.

Check out the exhibit online: http://www.daytonartinstitute.org/event/learn/youth-family-programs/experiencenter/i-see-rhythm-experiencenter

Bring the Youth out for this fun and educational experience at the Dayton Art Institute Museum.

 11:00am-1pm-Saturday, May 25th

Dayton Art Institute Museum, 456 Belmonte Park, North-Dayton, OH, 45405

(937) 223-5277

 (We will meet in the front lobby of museum)-Admission free for children-$8 for adults

 Follow on Twitter: @ImagineYouth7

Facebook: Imagine Youth Programs

Email: tracy@imagineyouthprograms.com





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