Donate School Supplies for our Back to School Drive

Back To School Event


Donate School Supplies for Our Back To School Drive Event

 August 10, 2013

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More Details to Come!

Below are a List of Supplies Needed

Backpack or bag
Pack of washable markers
Extra pair of clothes (please label)
Bottle of glue
Clear or white glue sticks
Containers of baby wipes
Large, fat pencils with erasers
Box of 24 crayons
Large eraser
Box of tissue
Box of sandwich-size plastic bags
Pair of blunt scissors

First through third grades
Backpack or bag
School box
Pack of markers (8 count)
Box of colored pencils (12 count)
Packs of #2 pencils (12 count, yellow)
Packs of pencil eraser tops (12 count)
Box of crayons (24 count)
Pair of scissors
Clear or white glue sticks
Bottle of glue
Boxes of tissue
Rolls of paper towels
Twin pocket folders with fasteners
One-subject, wide-rule spiral notebook
Pack of wide-rule, loose-leaf paper

Fourth and fifth grades
 Folders – different colors
Composition books
Math protractor
Math compass
Loose-leaf paper
Colored pencils
Pair of scissors
Glue sticks
Graph paper
Pack of markers (8 count)
Small 3-ring binder

Sixth through eighth grades
#2 pencils
Erasers (pencil top)
Lined notebook paper
Spiral notebooks
3-ring binders
Pack of 3 ½ x 5” notecards
Colored pencils
Highlighter – red pen
Graphing paper
Pair of scissors
Package – 5-tab dividers
Folders – different colors


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