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Share this book with Youth Today!

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Here is a great book for your child to read!

“Who says Women can’t be Doctors?”-The story of Elizabeth Blackwell

By, Tanya Lee Stone and Marjorie Priceman

Women can't be doctors book

This is a great inspiring book for youth, ages 5-12.

Purchase or check out this book today for your child!

If they can Imagine it-It’s Possible

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Try 20 of the Best Snacks for Children!-Imagine Youth

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As we begin the New Year, here are a few Healthy Snacks to incorporate into your child’s diet.  We have included 20 of the best snacks for children below, try them out and let us know, which one is your child’s favorite.

20 of the Best Snacks for Children

  1. cheese
  2. peanut butter
  3. healthier baked goods
  4. whole grain cereal
  5. quesadillas

kid quesadillas

  1. yogurt
  2. eggs
  3. sweet potatoes
  4. hummus
  5. noodles


  1. pears
  2. smoothies
  3. cheese crackers
  4. low fat ham
  5. raisins
  6. apples
  7. whole grain waffles
  8. strawberries
  9. oatmeal
  10. tomatoes

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If they can Imagine it-Its Possible!